Fiji Islands

800_Turtle_03Although guests of Fiji are encouraged to seek out the plethora of sights and activities available, most guests find the simple life on a remote small luxury resort the most appealing. Start your day with a refreshing dip in the famous Blue Lagoon, have a gourmet meal, and then nap away the afternoon. Within such a romantic setting, couples find themselves doing a lot of napping.
However, if you wish to deviate from the norm, within this section you’ll discover that Fiji is a nation of wonders as well as being full of exciting activities.


Fiji’s lush tropical rain forests are literally the tip of the iceberg since Fiji is considered to be the soft coral capital of the world. No matter where you go in Fiji you won’t be far from this wonder.


The truly marvelous feature of Fiji, unlike most countries, is the fact that you have over 300 islands within its borders so you won’t be tripping over other tourists in your quest for tropical bliss.


Are you a Rugby fan? You may want to coordinate your vacation in Fiji with upcoming events.