Fiji Islands

Fiji … an idyllic and relaxing tropical paradise, a haven for the about-to-be weds, newly weds and the romantic at heart. Getting hitched in Fiji has become quite a trend in this century, to the extent where many resorts, hotels and even cruises, are offering fabulous wedding and honeymoon packages to suit every couple’s needs.

Please take a few minutes to explore the romance of Fiji. Within this section you’ll find answers to basic destination wedding questions, persuasive evidence, and testimony of the enduring allure of these amazing tropical islands.

Honeymoon and Romance

Together your hearts are pounding along with the rhythmic motor of the seaplane as you glaze in awe at the wonder of Fiji just 500 feet below. You feel your excitement climax as the plane coasts within yards of a perfect beach…


Elope to paradise! Getting married in Fiji couldn’t be easier, find out what the best wedding places are and how to arrange the wedding of your dreams.


”The weddingmoon was FABULOUS! I wish I knew where to begin! How about WE WANT TO MOVE TO QAMEA? :) Here's my little review of things that may interest you (I could probably go on for days but I will try to keep it relatively short!)…”