Fiji Islands


Turtle Airways was founded by Richard Evanson in 1979, partly to transport crew and material for the 1980 film, the “Blue Lagoon.” The popular movie, starring Brooke Shields, was filmed on Evanson’s privatelyowned Turtle Island, an awardwinning fivestar resort located in the Yasawa Islands. The short, scenic and convenient seaplane flight to the Fiji island is just 30 minutes by air from Fiji’s international airport in Nadi, compared to up to six hours by boat. (Despite the similarity in names, Turtle Airways and Turtle Island are separate companies and serve different, although complementary, needs.)


To offer our passengers a breathtaking low-flying scenic transfer that is safe, reliable, convenient, and fast.

Our Service

Discover the magic of the Fiji Island’s with Turtle Airways. Choose Turtle Airways for your island transfer within the Mamanuca and Yasawa regions, or take an exhilarating sight-seeing tour by seaplane. Turtle Airways is Fiji’s safest and longest serving seaplane company, serving the Fiji Islands for over 30 years. Fly with Turtle Airways, and turn your island transfer into a breathtaking low-flying scenic flight.

The Experience

Imagine yourself taking-off from Nadi’s Wailoaloa Waters, and in a few seconds you catch some of Fiji’s breathtaking views from the air; where you glimpse the radiant coral beneath, enriched by the color and sea-life that call it home. As you soar over this natural wonder, you soon discover the picturesque islands that scatter the crystal clear and turquoise waters of the Fijian seas. As you savor the experience, you find yourself slowly descending and with it the exhilarating yet peaceful feeling that you get, as you skim the surface of the water, and take in a close-up view of the picturesque setting that will be your home for the next few days.