Fiji Islands

Welcome to Fiji and wherever you are, just head straight for the experience of a lifetime at the Old World on Orchid Island. A human-scale historical adventure awaits you …. a fascinating showcase of flora, fauna, crafts, customs and ancient rituals kept alive for those who thirst for knowledge, or come in search of an experience entirely different in its uniqueness.

Orchid Island, a natural river formation, has been cultivated into a realistic microcosm of Fiji. To greet you as you enter the island there is the “Bure Kalou”, the 50ft high pagan temple staring down in mute silence with its majestic shell-decorated posts rising to an impressive peak. This remarkable reproduction emulates those ancient places where Fijians dedicated human sacrifices, often enemies, to their ancestral spirits.

Location: Veisari – 10km outside of Suva – along the Queens Highway.

A small Fijian Village

The Bure Kalou, first of its kind to be built this century (Featured on the $20 Fijian Note)

Traditional handicraft demonstrations

A wide selection of Fiji plants

Tame local fauna. The internationally acclaimed Crested Iguana found only in Fiji will hold you spellbound

A mini Museum revealing a vivid history of Fiji

Fiji’s largest Drua, the war canoe actually boarded by Sir Edmund Hillary of the Everest fame, when he was in the country with a film unit

Fire-making, mongooses, two playful monkeys, parrots, fish and crab traps, local crops, fish-hook making, turtlepool, bush house, A large handicraft shop/boutique.

Other information: To all visitors holidaying at Pacific Harbor, the Coral Coast, Nadi Hotels and Suva City, contact your tour desk for how to get to the Old World.

Open Monday to Saturday 8:00am – 4:30pm. For bookings and special rates see your hotel tour desk or talk to your travel agent.

Orchid Island
Address: PO Box 1018 – Suva
Ph: 679 – 3361 227
Fax: 679 3361 064