Fiji Islands


Caribbean is a mixed bag of different countries’ influences. The natives speak Spanish, French, and English.

The prices can be inflated depending on where you go.

Meals and beverages are usually not included in Caribbean resorts’ nightly rates.

Most of the upscale Caribbean resorts are near cities which lack in privacy.

vs Fiji

Fiji is an independent country. Everyone speaks English.

The US dollar is strong. Shopping prices are very comparable to the rates in the US. You can find some good bargains.

Meals are usually included in the nightly rate.

Five-star resorts include soft drinks and most include alcohol.

Fiji does not allow over-water bungalows. Fiji is the soft coral capital of the world and is very protective of their reefs. Building over reefs is damaging to the coral that has taken hundreds of years to develop. Also Fiji does not encourage fish feeding.

On a Caribbean vacation you will not have the incredible Pacific ocean nor will you get to experience the southern night’s stars if you are from the northern hemisphere.

Fijian people are the friendliest people. They are curious about you and try to get to know you better. They want to share their culture with you.